Do you want to rank your page or site in Google? 

Are you running your own business or just for personal brand? 
There are rules that need be follow to avoid your site from banning from Google. Learn how to rank your website on list on SERPs (search engine result pages). The three major search engine are Google, Yahoo and Bing they help user return or get more relevant topic from his search term or query. 

What are these activities needed to drive more traffic to your site?

One of the most effective techniques is by choosing the right keyword for your site. Before you build a website you must know the keyword effectiveness, popularity and competitiveness for your content to be written. Google Adwords is one of the tools that can help. There are many activities to work on and to get more links both internal and external of your site. You will also learn basic HTML (hypertext markup language), different tools or checker for free and to know hidden issue so that you can make a solution out of it. One of the activities will be on how to rank your site using certain keyword competing with others.

Connecting People to Your Website

Social media optimization is of one the most effective ways of getting more traffic to your site. The most famous social networks recommended by people to join are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. After you join these sites, it will be better if you invite as many friends or followers as you want by viewing their friends of friend’s profile. When you get many followers or friends, it will then be the best chance to participate and share your status. You will receive email notification of every activity within every social network site you have joined. So, this will be the perfect opportunity to post interesting topics about your website or blog to increase traffic.
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