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Blogs have been popular nowadays because there are many ways in which you can earn from them. Having a blog is really cool especially if you are a writer and you have a passion for that. 

A lot of people ask what is Blog? 

How they help you make money online? 

How much time you will need to become a professional blogger. On this blog, you will discover how to make money online with the help of some articles that will teach you how to earn passive and active income online.

What is a Blog?

A blog serves as an online journal about how individual think and feel about certain things or ideas which can be shared to the public. Everyone can be a blogger, someone who is willing to share his/her ideas or have it in private mode. One of the challenges in blogging is, that you need more time to be professional with your writings. If you want to become a writer someday then, try to start blogging. Every blogger experienced these challenges at first but as soon as you continue writing and meeting people online with a common interest in blogging/writing you will become a good writer. But if you're not that good enough in grammar then try to visit the forum and blog site by leaving comments and keep posting. You can also try to Google how to write your own blog and many other sites to help you improve your grammar or writing structure skills. But if you already created your own blog then start post don’t worry you will become a good blogger after some time.

What to post with your blog?

The first rule before posting your blog is that try to make it easy to understand or readable by people who visit your website. There are many hot topics you can select from like food, health, cars, finance, music, travel, shopping and etc. If you have chosen one, try to find keywords and from that create a question that might help you broaden your topic using that keyword/keyphrase. Try to post 2-3 articles in a week to keep your blog update.

For a personal blog, it would be better if you post for happy topics and avoid posting sad experiences. Your blog can also make you happy if you post moments about your experiences from different places, people, and events.

A blog for businesses keeps their post every day to keep their visitors updated. It is also one of the effective techniques for business owners to reach thousand of prospective customers around the world to announce new products about services they offered online.

Always check your article from time to time, reread if necessary for correction before posting. One of the tips I've learned in writing an effective article is divided into two which is writing or write your original ideas and the second is editing or applying your style, grammar, and identifying errors for your content.
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