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Greetings! My name is John Henry Gaspay. I'm a freelancer and one of the top rated contractor in the field of search engine optimization using white hat techniques only from keyword research, seo audit and implementation. I have also working experience as web developer building website from static to dynamic sites. Recently I worked on different platforms from Wordpress, Volusion, Shopify, Bicommerce, OpenCart, Prestashop, SquareSpace and managed to completed client wants for their sites and even improve on sales and leads. I used to work as SEO specialist for years in one of the reputable SEO Company in UK which was based here in the Philippines.

I join different trainings both online and offline to gain more knowledge and experiences for my skills in search engine optimization and web development from other seo specialist and web developer who have been in the industry for quite some time. I am taking courses or tutorials online to enhance my skills while taking some minor projects for freelance jobs, For more detail about me you can check my online curriculum vitae

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John Henry Gaspay
SEO Expert and Web Developer



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I have been SEO specialist for over 6 years now since 2011. I have also advance experiences and exposures on web development I am strong with front-end and currently working for my back-end skills to become the next full-stack developer,, to exposed different problems to solved. And Learn new languages one after the other. You can check positive feedback or testimonials from my previous clients.
  • HTML CSS 95%
  • WordPress 85%
  • Blogger 85%
  • PHP MYSQL 85%


Tips to Start Your Own Personal Blog for College Student
 Having hard time on how to start a blog? Taking more time to research what topic to write and search for any guidelines to follow? And still end up on where would you start, what topic to begin and how to do it? These are the common problems encounter for every newbie writer. You sometimes get intimidated to write because you failed at a certain point. No matter how many times you failed just don’t quit because the only way of failing is when you stop trying.

Some Basic SEO You Need to Know

Do you want to rank your page or site in Google? 

Are you running your own business or just for personal brand? 
There are rules that need be follow to avoid your site from banning from Google. Learn how to rank your website on list on SERPs (search engine result pages). The three major search engine are Google, Yahoo and Bing they help user return or get more relevant topic from his search term or query. 

What are these activities needed to drive more traffic to your site?

One of the most effective techniques is by choosing the right keyword for your site. Before you build a website you must know the keyword effectiveness, popularity and competitiveness for your content to be written. Google Adwords is one of the tools that can help. There are many activities to work on and to get more links both internal and external of your site. You will also learn basic HTML (hypertext markup language), different tools or checker for free and to know hidden issue so that you can make a solution out of it. One of the activities will be on how to rank your site using certain keyword competing with others.

Connecting People to Your Website

Social media optimization is of one the most effective ways of getting more traffic to your site. The most famous social networks recommended by people to join are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. After you join these sites, it will be better if you invite as many friends or followers as you want by viewing their friends of friend’s profile. When you get many followers or friends, it will then be the best chance to participate and share your status. You will receive email notification of every activity within every social network site you have joined. So, this will be the perfect opportunity to post interesting topics about your website or blog to increase traffic.
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johns' blog

Blogs have been popular nowadays because there are many ways in which you can earn from it. Having a blog is really cool especially if you are a writer and you have a passion with that. A lot of people ask what is Blog? How they help you make money online? How much time you will need to become a professional blogger. On this blog you will discover how to make money online with the help of some articles that will teach you how to earn passive and active income online.

What is Blog?

A blog serves as an online journal about how individual think and feel about a certain things or ideas which can be share to public. Everyone can be a blogger, someone who is willing to share his/her ideas or have it in private mode. One of the challenges in blogging is, that you need more time to be professional with your writings. If you want to become a writer someday then, try start blogging. Every blogger experienced this challenges at first but as soon as you continue on writing and meeting people online with the common interested in blogging/writing you will become a good writer. But if you're not that good enough in grammar then try to visit forum and blog site by leaving comment and keep posting. You can also try to Google on how to write your own blog and many other site to help you improve your grammar or writing structure skill. But if you already created your own blog then start post don’t worry you will become good blogger after some time.

What to post with your blog?

First rule before posting your blog is that try to make it easy to understand or readable by people who visit your website. There are many hot topics you can select from like:  food, health, cars, finance, music, travel, shopping and etc. If you have chosen one, try to find keywords and from that create question that might help you broaden your topic using that keyword/key phrase. Try to post 2-3 articles in a week to keep your blog update.

For personal blog, it would be better if you post for happy topics and avoid posting sad experiences. Your blog can also make you happy if you post moments about your experiences from different places, people and events.

Blog for business keep their post everyday to keep their visitors updated. It is also one of the effective techniques for business owner to reach thousand of prospects customer around the world to announce new products about services they offered online.

Always check your article from time to time, reread if necessary for correction before posting. One of the tips I've learn in writing effective article is divided into two which is writing or write your original ideas and the second is editing or applying your style, grammar and identifying errors for your content.

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